What is Heart Disease

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the disorder of blood vessels in and around the heart that often leads to heart attacks.1 In the U.S. alone, heart disease affects nearly 79 million people.2

Who Does Heart Disease Affect?

A common misconception is that heart disease is more of a threat to men than it is to women; however, heart disease poses serious threats for women as well. In fact, more than 40 percent of women who suffer from a heart attack die within the first year compared to 24 percent of men.3

Can Heart Disease Be Cured?

Unfortunately, there is no determined cure for heart disease.4 Heart disease, like all other diseases, is a life-long condition that can be managed by following a healthy diet or be treated with surgery, medications and other medical advancements.

How Many Types Of Heart Disease Are There?

The most well-known condition of heart disease is a heart attack. Other common conditions include arrhythmia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A full list of heart disease conditions can be found on the American Heart Association website.5

How Can I Prevent Heart Disease?

Making simple changes to one’s lifestyle can be helpful when preventing heart disease. Here are some ways to get started today:


For more information on heart disease and heart health, visit the American Heart Association website (www.heart.org) or visit www.womenheart.org.