Heart Health for the Family

Heart-Health For The Family

It’s often believed heart disease only affects older adults; however, symptoms that lead to heart disease can begin at a young age. High cholesterol levels in children can be linked to obesity, diet and genetics.1

Heart Disease Is A Reality For Men, Women And Children

A heart-healthy diet is easy to follow. Below is a list of healthy options to consider when setting a healthier table3:

  • More women than men die of cardiovascular disease each year; almost every minute, a woman in the U.S. dies from heart disease.2
  • While heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, 18% of men will die within 1 year of a first recognized heart attack and 15% – 27% of male heart attack survivors will die within 5 years.3
  • Approximately 1 in every 6 adults suffers from high cholesterol, the leading risk factor leading to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.4
  • Children with parents or grandparents 55 years of younger with heart disease are at risk for high cholesterol.5

Heart Health For The Family

Setting a healthier table for your family may lower the risk of heart disease for mom, dad and children. In addition to bringing healthy foods to the table, teaching your children at a young age about maintaining a well-balanced diet and staying active can help prevent heart disease later in life.

Hands-On Learning

It’s no secret children learn well in a hands-on environment. Having them help in the kitchen (with adult guidance) is a great way to engage them in healthy cooking at a young age. Additionally, if gardening is an option for your family, get your hands dirty while planting fresh fruits and vegetables to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, living an active lifestyle helps prevent heart disease and other serious medical conditions. Despite common misconceptions, heart health and heart disease should be taken seriously for all members of your family, not just older adults.