Healthy Snack Foods

Healthy Snacks

Many Americans lead a fast paced lifestyle and finding healthy snacks to grab on the go isn’t always easy. To stay fueled throughout the day, try these healthy snacks that are easy to pack ahead of time, can be tossed in your bag or backpack and are easy on the wallet.

Nut Mix

a quick and easy snack full of unsaturated fats, or “good fats,” that help lower cholesterol.1 Pre-pack snack-size bags with one ounce (a small handful) for a satisfying and filling snack.

Fresh Fruit And Dark Chocolate

Fruit may seem like a no-brainer…but chocolate? Chocolate has a high concentration of flavinols, which are an antioxidant found to fight heart disease.2 Fruit and chocolate complement each other well and are easy to pack on the go. For berries and softer fruit, a plastic storage container is ideal to prevent bruising.

Veggie Sticks

Think “veggie platter” on a smaller scale! A variety of fresh vegetables, including carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber sticks and tomatoes are all a healthy and refreshing snack. For a little extra flavor, bring a small dish of hummus to dip your veggie sticks in. For optimal freshness, it is best to prepare and pack vegetable snacks in the morning rather than the night before.


Whole grains containing plant sterols, a group of naturally occurring micro-nutrients found to lower cholesterol, are an easily accessible healthy option. 3,4 Whole grain granolas and cereals can be packed days in advance in a plastic bag or storage container and are great for mess-free snacking.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to stay at the table. The most effective healthy diet is one that is followed throughout the day – during breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as all small meals in between.