Eat Heart-Healthy Without Sacrificing Flavor

Following a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flavor.1 Use these tips to set a healthier, yet tasty, table for your family!

Cook Your Way To A Healthier Heart*

One of the best ways to set a healthier table is to practice healthy cooking techniques. Instead of frying, consider heart-healthy cooking methods that still pack loads of flavor. Baking, grilling, broiling or stir-frying are great cooking techniques that can help reduce undesirable fat in your meals while enhancing the natural flavor of your food.

Stir-frying is popular because it retains vitamins, color and crispness of food. Many people who have switched to a heart-healthy diet have discovered how easy, flavorful and enjoyable meals can be using this method of preparation.

Add Flavor, Not Fat

Sprinkle on spices and grab the garlic to add flavor, not fat, to your food. Pepper is a fat-free and essentially calorie-free seasoning that doesn’t carry the health risks that salt (sodium) does.2 Instead of black pepper, spice up your cooking by using cayenne or red pepper flakes. Explore more flavor-boosting ideas with Spice Islands extensive line of spices, herbs and extracts.

Garlic is another flavor-packed heart-healthy ingredient that adds a great deal of flavor to your food. Some evidence suggests that garlic may even help prevent heart disease.3

Remember to prepare your heart-healthy meals with unsaturated fats like Mazola® Cooking Oils to help reduce your risk of heart disease without losing great taste.

Check out some of our tasty and heart-healthy recipes to help you set a healthier table for your family!